Data Protection and GDPR

A number of clients have enquired about the forthcoming changes for Data Protection due in May 2018. As organisations use data in very different ways and it would be impossible to answer all the questions that may arise on this topic. We have however pulled together some relevant elements from an employer’s perspective and also signposted the guidance that is been offered by the Information Commissioners Office, the enforcement body for this area.

We hope this is helpful for you as your organisation prepares for the changes.

Rob Bryan


RBA Data Protection and GDPR Summary

RBA Sample Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Handbook Wording 2019

Revised paragraph for Main Statement of Terms and Conditions of Employment

Retention of records table

Monitoring Policy

Confidentiality Agreement

HR Data Audit Form

Employee Privacy Notice

Job Applicant Privacy Notice


ICO website for organisations: 

ICO ’12 steps’ guidance: