Annual Retainer Service

 This is our most popular form of employment advice for clients. The retained service allows you to pay a fixed sum and receive unlimited employment advice all year round from a dedicated consultant.

It is a one-year contract: there are no automatic renewal clauses or hidden ‘tie ins’. Fees are agreed on an annual basis according to your needs and it is recognised that these may change from time to time.

The Service

Clients are provided with documentation that is current and fit for purpose. The employment particulars and workplace handbook form the cornerstone of good employment practices.

Clients receive advice on:

employment relations topics, relating to

  • Performance management
  • Disciplinary and grievance issues
  • Short term and long term absence management
  • Appraisal and reward processes

organisational change

  • Redundancy
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Outsourcing and insourcing

 ‘family friendly’ matters

  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave and pay
  • Time off for compassionate matters
  • Time off for children, carers or dependents
  • Employee requests for flexible working

 issues involving discrimination, harassment or bullying

  • Conflict within the workplace
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Matters that have been mismanaged or simply got out of hand.

Your Consultant

The Consultant is at the heart of this business solution. A Consultant that understands your:

  • business needs,
  • management team,
  • operational issues.

Your Consultant will follow through the implementation of your HR projects from start to finish. You won’t have to explain your story to another advisor every time you need help. Continuity saves you time and effort and ensures a holistic solution that’s right for both you and your business.

Alternatively, other providers rely on telephone call centres and scripted advice. Clients tell us that this often hinders rather than helps them move their issue forward.

Keeping up to date

The retainer service keeps you up to date. Employment law is ever changing and keeping up to date seems daunting for business owners. RBA’s expert Human Resources Consultants are experienced in providing employment advice and understand the pressures on business owners and managers. We give clients timely information on the legislation changes that impacts on their business, provide businesses with what they need and guide them through the steps of implementation. 

Retained clients receive proactive calls and visits to discuss up and coming issues and developments within their business. Many other providers wait for you to call.

We produce regular updates on legal developments and changes that are going to impact on your business, what practical steps you need to take, what if any changes are required and how and when to implement them.

You will have peace of mind  – assurance knowing that when things happen you are not alone and help is just a call away. Together, we can chat things over in your office or off site before you need to act.

Retainer with Health and Safety

Clients have an option to receive health and safety advice in addition to the items above. Typically this will include:

  • A review of the existing health and safety arrangements
  • Devising a workable health and safety plan
  • Supporting the appointed person with advice and tools for the workplace
  • Helping those involved in assessing risk and documenting assessment
  • Ensuring the employer is aware of their legal requirements.
  • Advising employers on what really needs to be done according to their workplace activities.

A consultant will carry out an annual site inspection within the main work premises and identify a prioritised action plan as part of the service.

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